Thursday, February 10, 2005

That old guy from Pretty Woman and that singer lady with the BIG butt.

Hold on while I think of something brilliant to say. Well, if you have any other pressing appointments you might want to attend to those first. . .

Last night my mother and I stayed up late talking. I let her read my blog since January 1st. Its funny how different it is to have someone read it right there next to me, instead of someone whose reactions I do not have to see. Some of the time, I was delighted to see her laugh or smile, and at other points, I was terrified she would ask me questions about this or that or ask me to explain further. I felt vulnerable and scared. Isn't that strange? I would not say things if I did not wish to be held accountable to them, it just feels so unreal when there is no face to watch as I tell my story.

I can say things so much better in text, and there were things I wanted her to know, that I could not say the right way, but I had already written them. I was only going to show her those ones I meant, but she wanted to read ones with interesting titles and we ended up just reading them all.

I want to do something not homework this weekend, but I definitely need to write that annotated bibliography by Saturday evening. Hmm. Maybe now would be a great time.

I was just remembering that Christopher told me something interesting the other day. Well, I guess it was interesting. I guess some guy I used to like in elementary school said I should have tried out for American Idol. That's funny and I so never ever would, but I had not thought about this person for. . . well, I don't know, quite some time. It surprised me. Its funny how in fifth grade, you can be anything, and all your friends can be anything. And now, I can see what a couple of them have become so far. Some surprises, some definite disappointments. I could make an allusion to Relient K here, "It breaks my heart to see how much you've changed." Yes, that sums it up exactly. I'm not being very clear here, but my thoughts were very organized to begin with.

I keep thinking about Kaitlynn sitting on my left knee, laughing at me so hard she closes her eyes and flops her head back, looking at me again, and laughing once more. I think we need like, five more babies in the family. Lets see, there will be Payton (okay, I don't know how to spell that) and then Rachels baby. So, we just need Linda and two other people to get pregnant and we'll be good.

Alright well, I am definitely tired of sitting still.

I love you (unless you are some person I do not know, well sure, I love you too.)

Sarah Jo

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