Saturday, February 26, 2005

And there was a second delay.

Today I was thinking about when my parents called me in China. My mom cried the whole time I was on the phone with her. She told me how much she missed me, how she couldn't wait tilll I got home, ect. But my dad told me that they were making cookies and that later they would go to the store to buy little baskets and tissue paper to put the cookies in to give everyone for Christmas. Talking to my mom made me feel half a world away. Talking to my dad made me feel like I was just at a friends house, spending the night, and I would be home at anytime. I didn't feel so far away, and that was comforting. I cried once just thinking about it. Isn't it funny how much something so simple can mean?

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your unmocking spoof said...

it is funny...

a small grain of sand placed right can make a pearl.