Monday, February 14, 2005

Calloused, grease-stained hands.

Yes my friends, its Valentines Day, not to be confused with Sweethearts Day, of course, because you know, it was completely necessary to have a special day to celebrate love or whatever.

anyway, I spent the evening with the aunts, uncle, and cousins. Today was the first time I have heard Kaitlynn talk. She said "mo" which is baby for "more" and she did our made-up sign language for more as she said it. That child likes to eat. And she also said "Mama". Fun times. Before I left I got a nice open-mouthed, chocolate-flavored kiss. (Insert affectionate comment here.)

Oh my gosh! I ran a red light today! I almost cried. I stopped right after the light. My mind was somewhere else when I ran the light. I was wondering what would happen if the world just stopped spinning and stopped rotating around the sun. Would it fall into the sun? And then if it could just stay in one place, what would it be like to have a world only half-illuminated? I started writing a story about growing up in perpetual light or darkness. And I was really into my little head-story when I realized that that light was red. There is nothing I can do now except make sure it does not happen again.

And the sky is beautiful tonight. I just stood there watching the clouds pass over the moon. It is amazing how clear the sky is in those cloudless patches. I tried my best to imagine myself standing on the edge of the globe, trying to visualize my position verses the sun and the moon. I could not.

All right, I must go study, lest I should whine tomorrow about how hard my tests were.

Sarah Jo

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