Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm just complaining.

I'm not having happy feelings right now because Christopher and I just had a fight.
Let me explain:

So, we have DSL and a second phone line that my brothers and I are responsible for paying. The bill is in my name. It is sixty dollars a month so that is twenty dollars a month for each of us. Christopher has not paid his bill in two months and I could not figure out a way to disconnect him from the internet without disconnecting James, since they share a computer. So, I told James to take the DSL modem with him and hide it when he was not using the internet on Chris' computer. To get to the fight part, I go into Chris' room tonight and the modem is laying there on the floor next to the computer. I tell Christopher to give it to me, but he just puts his foot on it instead. I go to pick it up and he wouldn't move. I told him I would break it before I would let him keep it, I pulled, and it broke. He storms out of the room. The end.

I'm so mad. I could go on for quite some time listing the reasons why. Does he expect me to pay 2/3 of the bill every month? Does that sound fair? And then he says he needs to be connected to the internet so he can do his homework. Well, he can go to the library as far as I'm concerned. Theres no argument now anyway. The modem is broken and he cant use the internet on his computer. If he wants a new modem, we will have to order one and it costs fifty dollars. End of story.

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