Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like when you crawl into bed and the sheets are the perfect kind of cold.

My favorite part of the day was seeing my two friends walk into my work. And I was embarrassed at just how happy I was to see them. Or maybe it was when they demanded I come over after work. Or maybe it was when Jeremy stood up and hugged me as soon as I walked in. Or maybe it was when he hovered over me in a threatening-like pose and demanded I tell him my secrets. Or maybe it was when Krystal put her head on my shoulder. Or maybe it was every moment after that until I walked out the front door again.

Or maybe it was when the young man at the gym kept smiling at me.
Or maybe it was knowing that this weekend is going to be great. Just great.
Or maybe it was the comfort and no longer fear that I feel from touching my friends.
Or maybe it was when I looked in the mirror and felt pretty.
Or when I flexed my muscles and felt strong.
Or when I saw my friends and felt loved.
Or when he noticed the details and I felt seen.

I suppose I don't know what my favorite part was. How horrible.

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