Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ashley likes to turn off the lights mid-paragraph.

Did I tell you that I tried a strawberry yesterday? I think I forgot. But I picked the thing up and stared at it like it might bite me and then asked Denise what I do with it. She laughed and said I just bite into it. Well I did. And amazing just flowed into my mouth. Where have strawberries been all my life?

And then when Ashley got home we went to Downtown Disney after a long, slow ride on the highway. It had its benefits though as the guy in the big truck watched and then hooted at us. Twice. We were both pretty hungry and growing grumpy as we drove but we were still nice to each other. A testament to our friendship.

After driving around and around a couple parking lots we entered the mass of humanity wandering through the streets. Eventually we decided to try the Cuban restaurant Bongos. That was a very good choice. I tried fried plantains for the first time ever. They were interesting. I didn't like them at first but then discovered that they go very well with chicken in my mouth at the same time. Yum. I don't think I'll ever have a craving for plantains, but I love trying new things.

We wandered around for awhile after that. I enjoyed watching the two guys playing a two-necked guitar thing and, of all things, a bongo-like drum. There was also some instrument that he blew in that sounded like one of those Australian growly things. Don't you love my instrument vocabulary? I wanted to dance but no one else was and Katelyn wasn't there to shove me into the open space in the middle and start the dancing. One day, I WILL do that. I need to find the nerve.

Eventually we went to this wonderful place involving Ghirardelli sundaes which were horrible for us but I decided that sometimes is good to make "bad" decisions. Somehow, something about sundaes and a giant moon and the rippling water makes it easier to pour your heart and then offend one another. It was enlightening and amusing. After that, my feet hurt and we were parked far away so we left. I did dance on the way in and out of a bathroom, though this time there was no gathered crowd.

Sleepiness happened on the drive home but we actually saw another driver JERK AWAKE on the highway. Ashley kept a close eye and safe distance from that one. When we got home, we both read and lounged on the bed. I remember thinking that it would be great to read and be together with people. We did that.

And then it was time for bed. I liked that part too.

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