Monday, September 28, 2009

Pajamas sounds funny if you say it enough.

My favorite pajamas have flamingos on them. They are black capris and a tank top with pink lace along the edges. Thats not why they are my favorite pajamas. Unlike all my other pajamas, these don't grow. My striped pajama pants will fit just fine until I sit down and stand up again. Then, there is this great, sagging area where my butt isn't. Soon, the legs grow two sizes larger until the only thing actually keeping my pajamas on is the elastic waist band. My favorite pajamas don't do this.

I used to want to hide in my clothes. The less they touched me, the better. But now I'm okay with clothes that fit correctly. And swimming in pajama pants is awfully uncomfortable. Especially on the occasion when I sleep in them. I toss and turn and my pajamas usually stick to the sheets so that they are nearly wrapped around backwards on my body when I try to climb out of bed.

So my favorite pajamas make me just a little uncomfortable around other people because the top is low-cut enough to reveal the area of my chest not yet covered in freckles because it does not see the sun. And the shirt comes up in the back to reveal an equally un-freckled swath of skin. But if I'm around other people in my pajamas, that usually means I'm going to be sleeping near other people, in my pajamas. So my flamingos go with me.

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