Thursday, April 20, 2006

iTunes is my new favorite thing. Well, maybe not favorite, or new

It was an interesting morning. I arrived to find that I did not have any change for the meter, so I went to the bank to correct the situation. I arrive for a second time, the door is locked. I knock. No answer. So, I called. Apparently, the place has moved down the street. But, after everything, I passed my notary test today. So, I guess in 4-6 weeks I'll be a Notary Public.

Then, I drove to Oxford to take my speech and hearing screening. I felt really out of place and confused there.

And now, it looks like a tree exploded on my car. Its covered in bloom things.

I took a nap today and dreamed of taking a nap, and getting interrupted by a phone call. I wake up to find that I missed a phone call. . .

The other day, I made a list of all the things I love about a person and gave the list to said person. That was awesome. We should do that for everyone. Well, maybe not, that might get creepy. Mine wasn't creepy, I assure you.

This hot chocolate is SO good.

Now, where on earth are my parents?

Sarah Jo


Ashes said...

Congratulations Sarah Jo! Oxford does suck. hehe. Today you are going to Oxford preview day, so maybe once you get familiar with the campus you can like it better.

your unmocking spoof said...

There is something about casually saying something which is not prone to explosions exploded in some place which is not typical of housing explosions that I find utterly comical.

Thank you for the mental image.