Friday, April 14, 2006

Dear, uh, you?

I'm recording a song with Christopher. Its a poem I wrote. He is rapping it and I'm singing the chorus. We started recording last night. Goodness, it is so much fun. Yes, we sound silly, but I get to spend time being silly with my brother.

On another note, my office was getting REALLY bad. There were no more unoccupied horizontal surfaces to be had. Paper was everywhere. So, my mother and I embark on a serious cleaning project/adventure. And it is clean. But, getting to my point, I found this notebook from way back when (or 2001) containing letters I had written to my future husband. Like most projects I start, I was interested in that for approximately five months before I put it away to collect dust for five years. But then, really, how much can you write to a person you have never met? Anyway, I decided to write another letter today. Maybe it would be nice just to add a letter every once in awhile. Something like:

I'm still waiting for you.
Sarah Jo

Or something along those lines. Okay, I wrote a lot more than that, but what can I say? ( A LOT, obviously) Oh, and this book has letters from my friends to my future husband. I know it seems kind of silly or strange, but I find it to be so sweet. My love story begins long before we ever meet. . .



Ashes said...

you know your getting old when 2001 sounds far past

your unmocking spoof said...

Letters are awesome...even when you have no intention of actually giving it to someone.

Kudos to your awesome.