Tuesday, April 11, 2006

*something creative and appropriate*

Yes, it was a very good day. Admittedly, I was awfully grumpy when I awoke this morning, but it did wear off after an hour, okay, two. I just hate waking up cold.

Work was awesome. Denise and Robbie and myself are going for coffee on Saturday. I'm much excited about that, because I very much like those two. And Denise said she might go to church with me on Sunday! I sure hope so. Her daughter is SO cute.

After work, I scheduled my classes for the fall. So, I'm transferring to Oxford. I'm not very excited about that. But, we do what we must, right?

After that, I went to goodwill with the intention of buying supplies for my project and ended up leaving with three pairs of shoes and no supplies. And Nika called me, and that caused more happy than three pairs of shoes could. Then Walmart. I love that store. Saw Robbie there. Actually, he saw me and decided to sneak up on me. He was successful. Apparently, I'm oblivious to everything going on around me.

Tomorrow, I've got that project due, and then I can say, "whew" and do the thing where I wipe my forehead with the back of my hand. But that's tomorrow. Tonight I get to say, "Oh! It's late and I haven't started that project!"

On that note. . .

Sarah Jo

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Ashes said...

Yesterday was a good day for me, but I cannot say the same for today. This morning I was meeting Terry B. and my friend Christa to work on our group project. I got to school 15 minutes early to find out that I had left my bookbag at home. I was about 20 minutes late.

I did get out of Botany early so i went to wendy's to get a salad. I brought it back to work with me. I spilled my pop all over the desk. A stack of papers now drying, but will have a ring of brown on them.

I hope it gets better. I miss you! Only a few weeks left! Love ya!