Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking for "The One."

On some other site about two years ago I was talking about looking for "The one." My person. The man I would spend my life with. And it was before my weight loss. In that post I had decided to wait until after my weight loss to really start hoping to find him. I knew I was overweight and unattractive and that people aren't generally attracted to obese women. I knew that.

Today, someone left a comment on that post. I don't understand why they were reviewing material that old, especially because they are a stranger to me but they said,

"Okay i'm going to be EXTREMLEY honast with you. I don't think you should be waiting for a guy to come along...because it ain't going to happen it only happens to real beauties. I know i sound like a bitch but i really think you should stop waiting for mr prince charming because not even the really pretty girls does it happen. Your not that young i hope when i'm 21 i'm dating alotttt not waiting for the one."

There are so many things I want to say to this. I won't. Okay, maybe I will.

First of all, many people find their mate in life, even the ones that aren't real beauties. It isn't about finding someone perfect and gorgeous and flawless. It is about finding the person that fits you. That makes your life happier just for being it. I'm not a "real beauty" but I believe I'll find the man that thinks I'm beautiful. And I'll think he is so handsome. Even if everyone else does not agree.

Second, dating "alotttt" does not increase your chances of finding your mate any more than patience and having an open mind and heart. That just increases your chances of getting your heart broken, accumulating baggages, and losing innocence. I've had enough of that already, thank you very much.

Finally, or maybe finally, I actually AM that young. I don't think my idea of my perfect mate in life at 18 is anything like the same idea now. I've changed. I believe patience is a lesson I've been learning my entire life. I thought that was because I keep not learning it, but now I see I AM patient. I know how to wait, even if I don't enjoy it.

But, what do I care about what some young girl says? She can't even spell. Doesn't even understand how to properly execute the English language. She thinks 21 is old.

What do you think about all of this?

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, you're right on. I met my wife, who I care very much about, and who calls me her prince, when she was on the heavy side. She was only 5 feet tall, but weighed 230 when we began our journey.

Because of wanting to grow old together, we both worked to help her lose weight. I admired her even more during this chapter of our lives; she was carrying so much more weight than I, but I was always the slow one when jogging around campus.

She weighed 130 when we got married, a few years later. She has shared that it was easier for her to find her prince when she was overweight, because she knew that interested men were interested for who she was, and not what she was. I don't want this to discourage you from your weightloss adventure, but wanted to throw in our story, so that you knew it was possible, and that you make perfect sense.

Just remember who you are, what you're capable of, and keep on the mission!