Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I like stuff, don't you?

I got a little netbook. I like it very much. I appreciate the way it feels to be able to take my computer with me. It feels a little bit like taking a piece of home out with me. Plus, it's cute. That is the most important part, right?

Those weeks when we didn't have power at home, I didn't have my computer. My desktop. I couldn't do the things I normally do like check my bank account, pay my bills, check my email, write, or just look at facebook. It made me feel disconnected. I could use other peoples computers, but it was very much like borrowing someone else's phone. I live in a society where nearly everyone has their own. It is strange to me to use someone else's computer.

But now I have mine.

I know it is just a thing, just a piece of technology. Just a THING, but it makes me feel more secure. And I like that.

Now I'm trying to watch my first netflix movie on it. The most trying thing seems to be transferring my music over to this cute little thing. I have a lot of music.

I wish I could tell you the stuff going on in my life these last few days, but I can't. Oh well.

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