Saturday, August 22, 2009

To my Person:

Fill me up. Fill me up until I cannot hold anymore. Drink from me. Press your lips to my skin and drink until you've had enough. Lift me up and pull me back down to you. Spin me around until the world is a blur and all I can see is your face. I'll stand still while you run circles around me and you are only the breath of wind on my skin and the occasional flash of color. Hold me. Hold me until I forget what its like to not touch you. My skin will grow accustomed to your warmth and then every moment without you will be like ice.

And love me. Love me for who I am now and all the people I'll be in the future too. I'll find every beautiful thing about you and cherish it. I'll search and dig and look until I know you better than myself. And I will love you. More than you ever thought possible. More than you think you could deserve.

Challenge me. Push me to the edges of my comfort zone and plunge with me into the frigid waters of adventure. Together we will make waves the likes no one has ever seen. We are going to be great together, you and I. People will look and wonder and want the kind of joy they seeing flowing back and forth between us. Shining out of our eyes and fingertips and sparkling in every breath. They will call us newlyweds at our fiftieth anniversary and our children will hope that one day, one day they will find someone to complete them so.

And we will have glorious fights. I'll say things to you that should never be said to another person. I'll get so mad that I just drive off in my car and cry in the walmart parking lot. You'll ignore me at dinner time and probably yell a time or two. Sometimes we'll have civilized conversations where we share whats bothering us without the anger, but the anger will come. And it will only make us appreciate the peace that much more. We'll come back to each other like two magnets finally released. My world won't be the same without your smile.

It will be work. It will probably be the hardest, longest project we ever start: this life together. We won't understand how it was so easy at the beginning. But we'll see the beauty in the thing we are building. This insubstantial castle. And at the end of it all, there at the close of our lives, there will be nothing we cherish quite so much. It will be like somehow we grew invisible body parts that attach us through the open air and nothing could ever make us two people again.

We are going to be glorious together.

So come close to me. Come take my hand and demand my time. Come look into my eyes and ask questions and tell me all about you. Be bold. Be joyful. Be strong. Be smart.

I'll be here waiting for you,

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