Monday, August 24, 2009

Later, whenever that is.

I only have four minutes before I leave for work. How much could I possibly say?

I dreamt about being on a boat and keeping the baby from falling off. I was afraid I would be late for work and I was texting Jeremy but the font kept messing up and then the text was 8 pages long and I realized that would probably be really annoying to receive. And I was going to be late for work.

I should look for jobs today. After I go to the gym. And the grocery. And do my laundry.

I weigh 206.4! That's totally 113.6 pounds lost! Who wants more?!?! I know I do!

Two minutes left and now I'm thinking I should enter this loss into But I can do that later. When I have more than two minutes and less of a desire to write.

I should write that book. I should do it right now. But I keep wanting to spend my time other places. Obviously.

One minute and I've got to put some shoes on. I'll be back later. Whenever that is.

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