Friday, April 01, 2005

"I will give you all my worship. . ."

I wrote a poem about my car last night. It was beautiful, in a creepy sort of way.

Can you believe I forgot to tell you that P.C. Cast came out with a new book? (This is the part where you are wondering who in the world P.C. Cast is and why I am bothering to tell you, right?) Anyway, it is called Goddess of Light and I loved it. I especially loved the character Eddie, bless his heart. I decided he will be my favorite, er, romance novel guy? Lochlan used to hold that position but, there might actually be an Eddie out there somewhere, while I highly doubt the existence of winged/vampire men such as the formorian Lochlan. Next will be Goddess of the Rose and then Brigihds Quest. Goddess of the Rose will be a twist on beauty and the beast!

Great day, today was. I got Jeremy Camp and Todd Agnew cds from the library. I really like Jeremy Camp. I would love to see him in concert. I almost did, once upon a time. . .

I went out to lunch with my mother, brother, and his girlfriend. That was nice, I guess. Christopher asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch with the three of them, then asked if I would pay for Moms lunch. I found that amusing.

I'm going to go to church on Sunday. I don't have any idea which one though. . . I guess I'll just try to find out when one starts. I want to find one that is right for me. I'm just a little nervous about going to a church by myself without knowing anyone there. I don't like trying new things by myself, but I definitely need to do this and I won't let a little apprehension stop me.

I miss S.O.S. I liked how small it was there. I liked the praise and worship, the way we all moved up to the front of the little church. I liked Chads sermons. I didn't like hanging out in the basement eating pizza and playing games. I didn't like people falling on the floor crying and speaking in tongues.

I don't want to go to an extremely radical church, but I definitely don't want one so conservative that it is ruled by tradition. If I had to chose, I would rather have the former than the latter. I want my relationship with God to be passionate and ever-growing.

I wish I could share this with my family. They are Christians by name only. My dad only talks about God when he is drunk. My mother always says she knows she should change, and she will someday. It grieves me.
Well, whining about it will not change a thing, and it will only make me sad.

I have homework to do.

Sarah Jo

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