Thursday, April 07, 2005

Are you the one I'm waiting for?

This morning started an hour later than it should have, mainly because my alarm clock decided to die. But, it could have been written in the cosmos that I should awaken at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, April 7th, 2005. Whatever the reason, no ill came of it and I now have a new alarm clock. This one has a green display, as opposed to the red display of my previous clock. This one seems happier, like it is glad to be servicing me. Apparently, the other clock had no such feelings since it let me sleep in on a test day.

After class today, Kaitlin invited me to spend the day with her. We went to the mall and decided to get our hair chopped off. I am now sporting a do that ends at my ears. AH! The great thing about hair is, it grows back out every time. I don't hate it, but it will take some time getting used to. The funny thing is that everyday my hair will be different than it was the day before, even the hour before. . . And then we walked around wasting time and having fun and eating lunch and things.
While at the hair-cutting place (er, Mastercuts?) I had a brief terrifying moment when I thought it was Friday and supposed to be at work. Then, I remembered that it was just a particularly entertaining Thursday.
Then came class. Sociocultural Studies in Education and all the excitement that came with it.
I went to Wal-Mart! And of course I purchased more than I planned. . .
On the drive home, the sky was marvalous. How can you explain the sky? Well, half the sky was clear and bluish and the other half had dark grey clouds. I was under the dark portion and it was raining, but the sun was shining so brightly and reflection off of the road. It was great. I felt like any minute I would drive out from under the clouds and be bathed in the light of the sun.
Although it is raining now, the sun is so close I can nearly touch it.
I could go on forever and never capture that beauty.

My happy clock says its time to do something productive.

Quick! Think of something happy!

Sarah Jo

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your unmocking spoof said...

Green displays i do think seem a bit friendlier. Maybe it's some buried association with the color.
hehe...i need to see this now shortened hair.

I often forget what day of the week it is. Today, i couldn't tell if I was supposed to be at school or not.
I do like the phrase "particularly entertaining thursday," at least in the context in which it was used.

"How can you explain the sky?"

It would take many thousand words.
Of course, I don't think my camera has enough words left on this roll to do so...however...i do have a interesting idea now.