Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"I'm not your average girl!" - Barlow Girl

I fixed the toilet all by myself today! Oh, by the way, the toilet was broken AGAIN. The little chain thing has been broken for sometime and Chris jury-rigged it several different times. I finally decided to get the correct hardware? at Lowes and then I fixed it all by myself, without a man. I was much proud of myself.

Ashley and Tommy's blogs both have the same template and it leaves me confused some of the time.

I picked out a shirt to buy to wear to the club. It was fun. Madison accesorized me since I am accessory deficient or something.

Some person IMed me today and kept calling me "hun", "babe" and "sexy". I am no ones hun or babe and I am not, in fact, sexy. How annoying. It felt so. . . I don't know. I didn't like it. I would rather hear Chris call me a "bitch", at least he knows enough about me to make any kind of assessment, and he loves me weather or not he likes me most of the time. Some strange person has no right to use terms like that, its so demeaning. It leads me to ask, What goal does he have in mind for this conversation? And then I know. . .

Well, I've been alone for too long, I need human interaction.

Love ya "hun"
Ha ha.
You know if I do or not.

Sarah Jo

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Anonymous said...

have fun clubbing :) one tip: if it's anything like clubs in downtown nashville, watch out for sketchy middle-aged mexicans, they'll get you every time