Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"And it was good brother! It was God D*** good!" - Leonard Bernstein

Katelyn ( I finally learned how to spell it right) and I decided that the lumberjack pictured below shall henceforth be named Robert Edward Kennakey. What do you think of Sarah Jo Kennakey?

Wow, I'm so tired. It will probobly be better after next week is over. I await the end of finals.

So, I got my financial aid package in the mail today. They are offering me one loan. Thats the "package." And there is a 2 thousand dollar gap between that loan and tuition. Im stressed. They wont even let me borrow enough money to cover tuition. So, I'll have to come up with the 2 thousand dollars and then take out a loan for 3,500. I really didnt want to have to take out a bunch of student loans. No fun.

I am so tired of worrying about money and my credit and everything. GAH!

Oh, let me tell you. I called Time Warner Cable to sign up for road runner and they told me I had an existing bill from 2000. I wasn't even 18 yet. How could this happen? Well, apparently my parents got a cable bill in my name and then did not pay it off. So, not only do I have a bill for a service I never had, but my credit is sabatoged from having a five year old bill. My parents response: "I don't remember doing that. . ."
Words cannot acurately describe the black emotion running through my veins right now. I just want to scream: How dare you?!?! How unfair! Don't you have a concience? Do you have no understanding of what is right and what is wrong?

I'm just tired of being hurt the most by the people I love and trust the most.

Sarah jo