Saturday, April 30, 2005

The perspective of a paper clip.

I wish my life were a book so that I could flip to the end and read the last page. If I just knew that everything turned out all right, I could handle the bad parts better. Like, when I read a romance novel and the main characters are in life-threatening situations or something, I don't fret because I know that they can't die; its a romance novel for goodness sake. And I don't mean that I want my life to be a romance novel either, unless it was the love story between me and God. What would the last page say? Do I get my happily ever after?


your unmocking spoof said...

it's a thing called faith...

words that comfort me when leaping into something with an uncertain outcome.

it will be long as you do not let the rules of the world rule over you. you can abide by them...but if doing something that people say you just can't do makes you happy, by all means, do it.

strange advice...i could be telling you to go out and murder someone, couldn't i?

*shrug* somehow could work.

Ashes said...

well said!