Friday, October 29, 2010

What you don't know yet:

You don't know yet,
but you think she will make your life happier just for being in it.
She will laugh at all the right times
and make you just the right kind of miserable.

You don't know yet,
but you're sure she's going to be yours forever.
That you won't understand completeness until you hold her.
And she'll make you smile till it hurts a little.

You don't know yet,
but you hope she will spark your greatest adventures.
She will make you truly understand what it is to be needed.
And make you feel like she sees no one else.

You don't know yet,
but you need her to be the end of your searching.
The answer to an unasked question.
The right kind of smile and touch and smell.
And a mystery that keeps you ever searching.

You don't know yet,
no, you just don't know yet,
but it's me.

1 comment:

Awleen said...

I continue to wonder why no one is commenting on your wonderful work.