Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The story of how I saw that lady's panties:

I had an extra day off today because of Columbus day. I didn't leave the house. When Johnna came home around 11:30pm, she brought me a notice that had been posted on my windshield. This notice informed me that my car would be towed tomorrow if I did not fix the flat tire.

Flat tire?

I investigated. I did indeed have a flat tire. So, we made a late-night trip to purchase fix-a-flat (and some groceries). We used Johnna's headlights for illumination and I followed the instructions on the can. The last step was to immediately add more air to the tire, if necessary. It was necessary.

I went to the gas station by myself. When I arrived, I discovered that the air machine was one dollar and I needed to get quarters. So I went inside.

Standing at the counter with her male companion was a woman wearing a lace teddy. I could see her white bra through the lace, as well as her black panties. And when she leaned forward to put her elbows on the counter, I saw the rest of her panties as the teddy rode up over her (and I feel this word appropriate in this context) ass. She purchased flavored condemns. She expressed a concern that she did not have the ninety-nine cents available in her account to cover such a purchase. She left.

I tried to communicate my surprise and dismay at the cashier lady while I requested my change. She came around the counter and hugged me. And held the door open for me.

I wandered out into the artificially-lit parking lot a little dazed. I made my way over to my car and proceeded to drop my quarters into the machine. A car pulled up behind me, blocking the driving area in the parking lot with his SUV. I assumed he wanted the air machine next. I filled up my tire. Put the cap back on. Got back into my car. And the man left.

Sometimes, strange things happen to me.

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