Saturday, October 09, 2010

She may not frown, but she'll never love you.

You get the Public version. Sunny smile. A little sassy.
She laughs at appropriate times.
She sings and dances and makes funny faces.
She tells you stories.
She doesn't tell you what she is really thinking.
She doesn't show any negative emotion.
She lies with smiles and agrees with what you say.
Arguing isn't for the Public version.
This is what you get now.

Real version cries sometimes.
Sometimes gets her feelings hurt.
Grumpy or sleepy or quiet.
A little more work than the Public version.
But this one says, "I love you"
and calls you when she's feeling lonely.
And Real version
will cook you dinner and go places with you.
And make you feel like you really matter to her.

But you get Public version now.
Because you gave me Public You.
And I didn't like it.

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