Friday, October 29, 2010

I made it for you.

I made a place for you.
A small opening in my heart like a person-sized spot in a crowd.
Come, stand among those I know. Those I like.

I made a pedestal for you.
Lifted you high above the ground and worshiped you.
Only as a unknown stranger can be worshiped. You fell.

I made a bed for you.
Held you close against my body and shared my warmth.
So that my love could seep into your skin tangibly.

I made a home for you.
Rearranged my previous plans and emptied drawers and closets and rooms for you.
You would be my companion. My favorite one. My home.

I made a castle for you.
Demolished everything I knew to make something grander for you. For us.
My future now all tied up in you in stone and gates and towers.

But you didn't want my castle.

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Awleen said...

This is beautiful. It almost brings me to tears. You are a telented writer.