Saturday, July 03, 2010

Things that don't matter to anyone but me:

After hanging out with Johnna today, Robbie and I both had headaches and were very sleepy. He said he wanted to come up and sit in my recliner for a few minutes because he was feeling dizzy. I turned a fan on for him and played Regina Specktor and we talked for a few minutes while he leaned back in the recliner and I lounged across my bed. Soon I realized Robbie had fallen asleep. And I liked that.

I got my book out and got comfortable reading about the adventures of Claire and Jaime. He woke up a little while later, looked at me, and went back to sleep. It made me feel like we had reached the kind of comfortable with one another where we could be in the same room doing different things and be okay with it. I liked that he invited himself in, like he really understood how welcome he was. And I especially liked that when he realized he had fallen asleep, he went right back to it.

I don't know how often it happens for other people, but I truly appreciate this level of friendship. We don't have to entertain one another. You can sleep if you're tired. I'll read. And we'll be in the same room. You don't have to go home. We'll keep hanging out when you're done sleeping. I really wanted to read for awhile anyway.

It felt comfortable.

It seems to me that we always point out the things that make us upset but we gloss right over the little moments and details that are truly wonderful. Little things that don't really matter. Little things that make life so very, very nice. Let us pay attention. What great, little things make you happy?

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