Thursday, July 08, 2010

Attention to detail can be very important for skin health. Trust me.

Today was my day off. I spent the first too many hours lounging around my room reading a dirty romance novel. Once it become clear to me that everything would turn out okay, as it inevitably does in romance novels, it also became clear to me that I needed to GO DO SOMETHING.

So I went.

The something ended up being a bike ride that I embarked on against the wishes of a few people ("It's too hot!" they exclaimed.) and my better judgement. Turns out, riding 20 miles when it is FREAKING HOT OUTSIDE is a considerably more difficult endeavor. So afterwards I got in the pool and just kind of floated around.

Turns out I didn't properly sunscreen the backs of my hands. And they are an angry, angry shade of red. And they hurt, of course.

Sarah came over after the swim and we proceeded to the Hamburger Wagon for her first time. And then Dairy Queen. Unhealthy behavior, I know. The plan after that was to see the Gin Blossoms at The Greene but the storm made us decide that we could make better use of the movie theater during that time. And we did. By seeing Eclipse.

I am more impressed with this Twilight movie than the rest. But the books are still better. And Edward is still all wrong. But Jacob is just perfect.

And then I came home. And talked to people via technology. And it was a great, beautiful, wonderful day.

Thanks for listening.

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