Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yesterday was a good, good day.

I like the way my muscles feel as I push the pedals around and around, urging my bike forward. I like the way we can just talk and talk about anything at all as we go. I love it that 2 1/2 hours biking with you seems like no time at all, because when I'm alone it seems to take forever. It fills me with anticipation when you get excited about adventures with me, when you add things to the list. And when I exclaim over silly things like a table leaden with fresh produce or herbs in pots, you don't laugh at me but you rush over to see it too. I especially like it that when I leave you, my head isn't filled with worries over a dozen little things you said. I'm not wasting my time later filtering through the positive and negative things, trying to decide how to feel about the interaction. It is all positive. You make me feel hopeful, validated, excited, satisfied, and happier. And that is how it should be with friends. Thank you for teaching me things, especially when you didn't mean to teach me anything at all.

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