Sunday, May 23, 2010

A sound I heard over my blaring iPod.

Today the sun was bright and the air was warm and I just knew I had to be outside. I researched bike trails for a little while before coming to the conclusion that it was stupid to drive somewhere to bike.

I biked from my house instead and connected up with the local trail. I followed it to its end and then continued to the next trail. When I was about 20 miles away I stopped for lunch and randomly saw my cousin, Ashley, there. I talked to strangers, like I do, and then turned around to come back home. On the stretch of road between trails I ran over a large, sharp, piece of metal. I didn't see it so much as hear the POP-clink-hiss-clink-hiss-clink-hissssss. Luckily, I was only actually 3 miles from home even though I had only come back 10 miles. I walked my bike home on the roadways instead of taking the loop back to the house.

Some things I learned today:

I am really attached to my bike. Enough to cry when my tire blows.
It seems a lot hotter when you are walking then when you are biking.
3 miles isn't really very far.
When wearing a sleeveless shirt, my bra straps seem to remove a one-inch-wide strip of sunscreen, causing the most interesting sunburn.
When I get really, really upset, just talking to someone helps.
I'm glad I have several people in my life that would talk to me through my post-bicycle-blowout-tears.
I am really attached to my bike. I didn't cry the 9 times my car had a flat tire.
30 miles goes by much faster when biking with someone else. Biking alone is . . . not as fun.
I will bike alone before I go to the gym. Stupid gym.
My dad, as awful as he sometimes is, knows just how to baby me when I come home hot, sunburned, tired, hungry, and disappointed.

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