Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things I was thinking about tonight:

He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know. And he responds with enthusiasm when I suggest an adventure. He says, "When? Today?" And he comes up with adventure for us to do too. He says nice things about me that feel true. Things that matter to me. He doesn't call me pretty, but he thinks I'm smart. And he doesn't compliment my clothing but he says he admires me. When I feel stupid, he shows me that he feels stupid too and then we're stupid together. And when I'm confused he explains it to me in a way that lets me know he enjoys teaching me. He tells me when he misses me and tells me that he appreciates my friendship. I don't have to worry about complicated feelings that go beyond friendship with him. He values and respects me. He makes me feel optimistic about the future and he gets excited about the things I find exciting too. He tries to be good, even though he messes up sometimes. And he doesn't like some of the things I do, but he doesn't lecture me about it.

It isn't that I love him more than you, but he treats me that way I want to be treated. And well, many times you don't.

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