Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't like Christmas.

I don't like Christmas. I don't like ridiculous trees that get all tangled up in a box in the basement all year and then covered with finally-un-knotted lights and pieces of things on wire hooks. I don't understand the reason. I don't like things that sit around and serve no purpose. And I certainly don't like the process of turning it into something pretty when it starts out so ugly.

I don't like gift-giving. Not at Christmas time or birthdays. I hate the idea that we give things to one another because we have to. I would much rather give something to a person unexpectedly. The pressure of deciding what on earth you could get that person. Trying to make sure you have enough money. And who do you buy for? What if this person gets you a gift and you didn't get one for them? What if they don't like what you got them? And I am so not sentimental. How long am I supposed to keep this card? It has a long note written in it, so awhile, right? And what about this lotion I don't want? I always get about 15 bottles of lotion every Christmas. I don't want to smell like eggnog. Lets not do this part. I hate it so much. Can we skip that part? Lets do.

And honestly I'm not into celebrating the whole birth of Jesus thing. I am not religious anymore. I'm not that person. It is a holiday for a religion that I don't share.

And it reminds me of the Christmas we didn't have running water and I stayed all night with my aunt in protest and then somehow it became a tradition for me to stay all night with her and my cousins on Christmas Eve though it reminds me of horrible, horrible times. People asking what I got for Christmas and me thinking about how much bigger concerns I had at the time. Gifts? I can't even sleep in my own house.

But everyone assumes that everyone else likes Christmas. Are you ready for it? Did you get all your shopping done? Are you excited? Merry Christmas! And I know they mean the best. And I don't really want to explain how much I hate it. So I smile and say, "No!" and they agree with me.

I'm just doing my best to pretend it isn't happening. I can't wait until it is over.

Is it summertime yet?

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As time goes by said...

Unfortunatley for you, i LOVE Christmas and you will be getting something from me. (its homemade)and you are just going to have to grin and bare it. muhahaha