Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I write poetry sometimes. Its never very good, but it sure makes me feel better.

One Breath

One breath at a time. Concentrate on the rhythm of the inhale and exhale against the thrumming of my heart. It’s a sound I recognize. Reassurance that I’m still alive.

It doesn’t matter about the change of pace. From a slow walk to a death race. My breath, in time with my heart, kicks up a pace. We work together.

My mind isn’t needed for this dance. My lungs and heart have their own romance. Like a couple matching stride. Reassurance that I’m still, still alive.

But oh, what is this that steals my breath? Stops my heart right in my chest? It puts a dizzy spin to my vision. Black stars and weak knees. And oh please please please

One breath. And then another. I don’t know how many moments like this I can survive. But the kick-start of my broken heart is reassurance that I’m still, still, still alive.

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