Monday, February 13, 2006

You know how girls like to talk about guys they like to everyone willing to listen?

What makes me happy is
that you asked me to go there with you

NOT because you wanted someone to go THERE with you
but because you wanted to go somewhere with ME.

I don't think anything you could ever do
could make me like you more.
But then,
you keep proving me wrong.

And though you are nothing I ever thought I wanted,
or maybe never dreamed to want
or was too afraid to want
(because I never want for what I KNOW I cannot have)
you are everything I ever really needed.

I didn't say it out loud,
because I thought I might reveal too much,
but I like "hanging out with you" because:
  • you make me want to be better than I am
  • you see the best in me and I never want to disappoint you. Again
  • you are so many things I want to be
  • you say I am things you want to be
  • you've already drawn me closer to God
  • you make me smile so much more and genuinely so
  • you make me feel so comfortable, safe
  • you listen like you care what I have to say and you hear the things I do not say
  • you sing and smile and laugh freely
  • you do exactly what you say you are going to do
  • your emotions show all over your face and your hands and the way you breathe and move
  • We are alike enough to have a connection/ a base and different enough to have room to explore
  • you make me feel special
  • you are smart, funny, charming, honest, and genuine

I do not think I'll ever deserve someone like you
So, I will cherish every moment until you are taken from me

Life is beautiful. And so are you.

Sarah Jo

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