Friday, February 17, 2006

A lesson in patience or Excuses for cowardice.

During my observations today, a veterinarian visited the children. She brought a dog with her and she told the children they could pet the dog if they got in a line and did so one at a time. My class stayed on the mats while the other two classes lined up. The eager five year olds wiggled and scooted closer to the dog. They craned their necks and sat up as straight as they could. They wanted so much to pet the dog, but they had to wait.

Has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden you hear/see something EVERYWHERE? And you think, this cannot be a coincidence.

Wait on God.

Several different people are talking about this. And I see books about it. And I hear sermons about it. And little radio snippets about it. And each time it weighs on my heart instead of gliding past like so many other conversations.

I get so impatient sometimes. And I think that I cannot wait any longer. Time is short. I know what I want, give it to me! But, I only know what I want right now. And I don't know what I need. Or even that I'll want it very long.

Please please please.
But please please please.
Oh, please please please.
Wait, child.

And I feel like one of those children, waiting for the fulfillment of a promise. If one of the children had bolted over to the dog, he might have lost his opportunity to pet it altogether.

What happens if I do not wait? What happens if I'm wrong and this is my only chance and each day is one opportunity wasted?

I know what everyone tells me to do. I know what my heart tells me to do. The problem is that the two are so very different.

Lord, please?

Sarah Jo

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