Sunday, June 27, 2010

I would write even MORE if I wasn't so tired.

I need to talk. Or sit next to someone while we watch a movie and I hold your hand and put my head on your shoulder and pretend that even when everything isn't okay, at least you're here.

I'll tell you about my day.

No one cares what happened at work. SO

Robbie and I went to get iced lattes because we both stayed up too late and got up too early. Who wants to go to bed early on a Friday night? Who wants to get up early for work on Saturday? Not us, anyway. And we had Columbus plans.

Except, at the coffee shop we realized we didn't actually get addresses for our destinations. So we went to my house to research addresses and get my GPS. Done. Then the drive, of course. We laughed and sang a lot, of course.

Our first destination was the Smartcar dealership because I made fun of Robbie when he refused to pretend we were married and go test drive a Subaru a couple weeks ago. After I told him he wasn't a real man at least a dozen times he promised to take me to test drive a Smartcar. So we did that. Actually, it took awhile to actually find a sales person and while we searched for someone, my phone rang.

Something horrible happened.

It was my mother calling to inform me that my father was in jail. At least, that is what she eventually informed me of after she got done crying and wailing. I came to several conclusions during said crying and wailing: This was not the first or the last time one of my immediate family members was in jail. She wanted me to bail him out without actually asking me to do it. I wasn't going to do it. Therefore; there was nothing I could do for her but listen. I listened. Gave her advice. And then decided not to follow my normal course of action (getting upset, crying about it too, worrying) and instead continue with the Columbus plan with Robbie.

Robbie talked to the sales person as I gained my composure. We eventually went as far as having a fake disagreement about how he wanted a sensible SUV and I wanted a cute little car. Oh. Also, he promised he would drive the car "balls to the wall" for me. Turns out, Smartcars don't do that. Actually, my intense desire for one faded quite a bit after the test drive. Oh well.

(Robbie and I in the Smartcar. I know you can't tell, but I AM wearing clothes.)

Then, North Market. We walked around a bit and got smoothies but it is apparently Comfest this weekend in Columbus and there were SO MANY PEOPLE. So after getting smoothies we decided to head back over to Easton mall.

We walked around quite a bit and ended up playing in the two fountains. One was a regular fountain where we sat on the edge and dangled our feet in the water. The other was one of those that sprays water out of holes in the ground at different intervals. We took turns running through the fountain, trying not to get wet. And we also did things like going into the phone book and walking all the way around a revolving door without going inside. We acted silly. It was fun. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and checked out Barnes and Noble for awhile. It started to pour the rain and we ran in it, getting pretty soaked but it was very, very temporary rain.

We decided to go to the Cheesecake factory at the Greene on the way home (because the Columbus one had a long, long wait) and between being tired and talking so much and partly because of the GPS we ended up somewhere in downtown Dayton. Bad idea. But we eventually made it to the Cheesecake factory for dessert.

Robbie listened as I told him how much I was going to miss Jeremy and how I felt like I had to pretend I was okay and that it didn't bother me at all because that's what I should feel, right? He told me he didn't understand how girls worked but that no one should ever make me feel like I should or shouldn't feel a certain way. You can't help it, he said. And he understood that. He told me that everything works out for the best, even if it doesn't seem like it now.

We walked around the Greene a bit before going home. I got an update about the jail situation (which apparently worked itself out without my intervention) and then he dropped me off at my car, still in the work parking lot.

It felt like several days, and not just one. And I had so much fun. I'm glad he kept me away from the drama at  home. And he distracted me from worrying about my friend moving away. So it was a good day, with horrible, horrible parts.

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