Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have you seen the bills that were on my desk?

Me: Why did you clean my room?!
Mom: I was trying to be nice.
Me: Haven't I asked you not to ever, ever clean my room again?
Mom: Yes. But I just wanted to vacuum and there were things on the floor and I just wanted to move them...
Me: Do you know where my book went?
Mom: I didn't see a book.
Me: It was one of the things on the floor.
Mom: I don't remember seeing a book.
Me: It was on the floor right next to my bed between the trash can and my bed. I dropped it on the floor after reading last night before I went to bed.
Mom: If there was a book I would have put it on your desk.
Me: Where did my fan go?
Mom: I took it to your grandpa's to clean it out with the shopvac. It was dusty. And then I forgot it. Do you want my fan?
Me: No. I want my fan. And I want my things to stay where I put them. And I want you to stay out of my room.
Mom: I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I was trying to be nice. Can't you be appreciative?
Me: I've asked you SEVERAL times to stop cleaning my room.
Mom: Okay! I won't do it again.
Me: This is what you said last time.

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