Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Caution: Wet floor! I spilled my soul.

So, Im at the library again and I find that Im going through blog withdraw. I don't have anyplace to dump my excess thought, so its all piling up inside me like dirty laundry on the bedroom floor. I want to talk and talk and talk and. . .

But there are still things I cannot talk about, for instance, the boy I like. I would love to go on and on listing all his wonderful qualities, but then, what if he reads this? That would only be good if he felt the same way, and, lets face it, no guy has ever felt the same way. Its a darn shame, it truly is. I wish I could just skip to the part where Im already married. I just dont think its normal for a person to be 18 years old having NEVER gone out with anyone. Does this doom me to a life of spinsterhood? I cant spend my life alone, I talk too much. I would at least like to have someone in the room even if they aren't listening to me.

Well, I have to go, it doesn't feel as safe spilling my soul in the library.

Sarah Jo


your unmocking spoof said...

Normal is overrated.
About the 'never having gone on a date even though you are 18...'
...I'm almost there :P

Trixie said...

Great finally reading your blog again - talk about blog wihdrawal...

So we're the same age? I didn't realize. If you ever want to spill your soul more anonymously (so no one sees who made the mess on the floor) you're more than welcome to guest blog under false name at my place anytime you like - you're such a good writer. Write about anything you like, as long as you can fill my quota of dropped reader jaws. (And I know you can.)

Never been on a date? Me, I have never... (reads through your blog)...grown pumpkins. Or resurrected them. I will admit though that too much talking and general nice behavior can cause a bit of a problem to get on dates (and also at the end of dates, but that's another story).

There's never any need to be someone you're not, play stupid, hard to catch, or anything like that, but sometimes a moment of silence, a moment of tension, can be needed to set hearts pounding and minds racing a little. When you feel that 'tense moment', it can be very hard to not defuse it by striking up a conversation, making a joke or something. Try not to, and let tension build a bit. Enjoy rhe excitement.

Wow, all of a sudden I turned into Aunt Trixie, giving you advice... It was just fun reading you again. Drop by! Right now I have a 16yr dancer as guest blogger - I'm afraid she might make you feel VERY YOUNG too just like you said I did, but it won't be long before you cherish those moments... :-)