Friday, June 10, 2005

I had a wonderful day, did you?

I want to talk to someone. You know those times when you don't know someone very well, and you have your first "real conversation"? I mean, that time you talked FOREVER about all kinds of things and you decided that you actually really like this person? I want one of those. I want to talk about God, love, tomato sauce, whatever. I want to see that excitment in your eyes when we land on a subject you are passionate about. I want to see you smile as you remember something special that happened that one time with that one person, you know?

Im not afraid to look into your eyes anymore, I have nothing left to hide. I am no longer the pretender.

I am not a product to sell, I won't try to hide my flaws. If you know me long enough, you'll figure them all out anyway. And if you can't handle them, I would rather find out now than later when I love you.

My mother says I'm demanding. When I want something, I want it done right now, drop everything for me. Okay, I agree.
My close friends say I am undecisive. I think this only applies to things like, where to eat, what movie to see, what to do today. If its not a big deal, then I want to do whatever makes you happy. If I really cared, I would say so, after all, I am demanding. *wink*
I say that I am not very compassionate. If thats a flaw, I don't have any plans on improving it in the near future. Dont come to me for sympathy. Chances are, whatever situation you are in right now is partly your fault, and chances are, you don't want to fix it, you want someon else to fix it while you whine about it. Not an ounce of compassion here.

Apparently you're still here. I assume you are either some degree of irritated with me, or you don't care about these things. Either way, good night, and I hope you have a great night/day. I really do.

Sarah jo

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