Sunday, June 12, 2005

"Your love is extravagant"

I just really love going to church. I don't want leave when I'm there and I can't wait till next Sunday when I leave. I love Chad's sermons and I especially like worship. Going to church helps remind me that anything that goes on in my life is temporary. It is so much easier to deal with things when I know that something so much better comes after this. THIS is my happy face.

Sarah jo


The Devil said...

What's so great about church?

Sarah Jo said...

Uh, what was it? I cant remember exactly. Oh! Oh! I know! I know! God.

Ronnie said...

I go to two churches. I split my time between this big completely impersonal church in Toledo. And this little one in the town where I live. The little one has about 150 members. I run the sound board there along with 3 other people. We have "shifts" so I do the sound about once a month, and there is a mid-week practice on Thursday nights. The little church is a United Brethern--a relatively modern denom. the big church is non-denom. (yet even more modern). Once in awhile the members of the big church will "break into tongues" I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea, but I love the feeling of worshipping with a thousand other people in the room---there's a certain synergy that you get out of that the small churches just don't have.