Saturday, June 11, 2005

Someone Killed Tiny Tim

I named all my little pumpkin plants. They are Buddha, Bob, Shaquita, and Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is the one that survived the rain storm and growing upside down. I have nursed it back to health twice. This morning, I go to water my plants and I find Tiny Tim ripped out of the pot and laying there on its side. I cried. The poor thing survives storm and defect only to be ripped from its roots. I mourn Tiny Tim. I put so much work into it only for someone/thing to kill it. This is not my happy face.

Sarah jo

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your unmocking spoof said...

words of retribution against guilty party. Sympathy for the loss. A few words signifying that this may be the way to a better happiness.

Short remark about how the last few words of the post were 'too darn cute'.

They seriously give me a little kid vibe.