Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is it really so hard to just ask permission?

I went to do karaoke with a friend at a bar. Two guys were hitting on us but I thought I was giving pretty clear "I'm not interested" signals.
Do I come here often? Not really.
Do I want to dance? No.
Can he buy me a drink? No.
What was I drinking? If you buy me a drink, it will sit right there on the table all night.
Where am I going after this? Home. I just came to sing.

Eventually, he left. Or I thought he did. I was talking to Jaylene when he came back from behind me, grabbed me by the head, and kissed me. His lips were mashed against mine and his tongue tried to pry my lips open. I made some noise meant to convey my extreme displeasure at the situation and pushed him away by the face.

I feel so gross. I feel so angry. I have now been kissed three times. I'm not happy about any of them. Great.

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