Friday, May 29, 2009

You are:

The flavor of grape Gatorade in my mouth
and the satisfaction of muscles all worn out.
Terrifying rock faces under my toes
and the anticipation that gets me through the day.
Contentment at just driving in your car
and the laughter that makes my abs sore.
A blush spreading up over my cheeks
and eyes I could keep looking into with questions.

My lunch break flying by as I talk talk talk to you
and the mirror of my deepest insecurities and fears.
The beauty and attention I wish I could possess
and the give and take of verbal, physical, and emotional support.
The balance and opposing force that makes it work
and a lesson in positive affirmation and self awareness.
Sunny afternoons around and around the park
and the safe place I know I can put all my worries.

The play of muscles moving over one another under the skin
and the rhythmic pounding my feel against the pavement.
Tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks 
and too much bubble gum in my mouth.
The tug of war inside that makes me feel like falling down
and the sudden misplacement of gravity.
The worry over micro-expressions and inadvertent body language
and the puzzle I can't quite put together.

The reason I run out of clean laundry too often
and the mess all over my bedroom floor.
Sleepy mornings when I've stayed up far too late
and my sudden co-dependence that makes me hate alone.
The topic of conversation whenever you aren't in the room
and the place my mind wanders off to in the quiet moments.
My favorite part of the day.
My dear, dear friends.

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