Monday, May 25, 2009

My dear, dear friends:

We don't take pictures.
And we never have a plan.
Sometimes I make you do things you don't want to.
And sometimes you do the same for me.
Occasionally, you say something that hurts me.
Of course, I'm insensitive and selfish.
I probably call you too often.
You surprise and delight me constantly.
I'm afraid to show you just how much I could need you.
We do stupid things sometimes.
You make me want to better. Always better.
I analyze things too much and get confused.
Who you are is completely beautiful and absolutely enough.
I don't know what comes next.
These memories we make keep me sane when I'm alone too long.
When you aren't with me, I tell everyone else about you. All good things.
I worry too much.
Sometimes I want you all to myself.
Sometimes I want you to have me all to yourself.
I really, really care what you think and what you have to say and what it means when you have that look on your face.
Occasionally we are so close I think we must be the same person.
Other times the distance between us frightens me.
I already miss you.
I have this crazy idea that if I could just hold onto all the inside jokes you would see just how much we can make together.
The compliments are all lies. I think you are so much more amazing than these stupid words could possible convey.
You make me hate sleep and work. I used to like those things.
I keep wondering what on earth I could do for you to make you feel as good as I feel just getting to spend time with you.
You make me laugh until my eyes water and my abs hurt and I can't breathe right.
I want to tell you everything. All of it. But I wonder if you could handle that?
I want to hear everything. All of it. I could handle it and love you more afterwards for it.
I do love you. Just as you are right now.

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