Saturday, April 28, 2007


Because thats what I've been doing since I found the mountain dew this morning. I don't drink very much pop, but apparently it is an effective cure for evil-morning-Sarah.

Two more days of classes and I can spend three months allowing my brain to slowly dissolve into a jello-like puddle of jello-like stuff. (Dissolving has aparently already begun.)

I wish I had some wonderful story to tell you involving a handsome gentleman and an adventure that changed my life, but. . . I don't. Oh wait, I do! Once upon a time I was all kinda sad on the inside and pretend-happy on the outside and I was sure that I would crumble into a thousand pieces with the unstable world I was living in. Then, someone introduced me to a Man that loved me so much, He actually died for me. Ever since then, I have been falling more and more in love with the very One that fell in love with me. Oh, and it changed my life. The end!

I know, I know; you knew that story already.

This perfume is making me smell magically Delicious. You should feel sad that you cant smell it right now. If you were here, I would hug you to make you happy again and then you would smell my perfume and be twice as happy!

I went for coffee with Katie again. It didn't last three hours this time, but I dont think that was an improvement. Long talks = awesome. Yes, my verbal abilities astound.

Okay, well, this is obviously not going well. I'll try to write something when my life gets interesting.

Sarah Jo

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