Thursday, April 19, 2007

Current Status: Choas

I've come to view my desk as a reflection of my life. When a new semester starts, I've got all my books and folders organized into neat piles. Everything is in its place. As the semester progresses, those piles turn into scattered papers on the desk, backpack on the floor, books haphazardly piled on the chairs, the bookshelf, any horizontal surface. Then comes summer, and a nice layer of dust settles on the now clutter free surface.

Similarly, as a new semester starts I prepare. I am organized and ready to go. Then, I procrastinate and stop putting things in the dividers I so carefully labeled. I've got three projects going at once and they are all due tomorrow. Finally, I've survived and I have three months to recuperate from the self-induced stress. Usually, this involves reading books that have no educational value whatsoever. Yay!

Presently, summer will arrive and I can sell back these books and dump the contents of these folders and shake the dust of education from my heels for a season.

For tonight, I have a five-page paper to write and its 1:30am. Go me!

Sarah Jo

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