Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pink stuff and whipped cream!

Last night I went to a comedy club for the very first time! It was fun minus the old guy at the end talking about his penis several times. I dunno what that was about. Yay for new experiences!

And. . . Katie asked me join her for coffee after work and it was much fun as we talked about boys, excuse me, guys for quite some time. Other topics were covered. Apparently, three and a half hours is not too long for coffee. Oh, and the coffee-shop-worky-lady/girl gave us free drinks! She said that she saw our drinks were empty and she was bored, so she made some new concoction involving strawberry bomb and vanilla. My mouth liked the concoction.

And now my mouth would like some, uh, food. I'm thinking the hamburger wagon. Have you ever been there before? Its good like. . . stuff that tastes good!

Sarah Jo

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