Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Writing is my happy.

I decided that the last post and this one should be separate, even though its exaclty the same time. I just have happy thoughts now.

Katelyn (my friend, not the toddler) and I are writing a childrens book together called, I HATE Lettuce. You will never guess what its about. Maybe it will be so good that it will be published and then we will be famous authors touring the country doing book signings. Or maybe it will be "cute" and we will lose interest and never send it to a publisher anyway. Hmm. I love to write, it would be wonderful to make a career of it, or at least a profitable diversion. I do not think I could write a novel, but childrens literature I could definately do. I have learned so much this semester in Lit block, I should put it to good use.

Then, I wrote a cute poem about trees and I'll have to share it with you when I'm at home and have access to it. As it is, I am at school in the something center on a Mac. Okay, I know the Mac part is not important but I am proud of my self for using one effectively.

Class starts in twenty minutes.

Oh! You should join and be my friend.

One day, there will be a starbucks in this library and that will be a happy day indeed.

Class starts in nineteen minutes.

We get our test grades and essays back in the next class. I want to know how I did. Did I understand what she was looking for? Did I miss the mark completely?

Professor Drewes is so motherly and excited and caring I just want to hug her. Maybe I will.

In seventeen minutes.

I believe this might be the most constructive thing I've accomplished in my break today. Does expressing oneself count as being productive?

Sixteen minutes.

I'm sure if I didn't express myself, all these extra words, I wouldn't be a very fun person to be around. Once I get all the sad down on paper, there is more room for the happy.


And it will take me that long to get back.

Thanks for listening.

Sarah Jo

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