Monday, June 19, 2006

I say neither, you say neither.

Wow. I saw someone I haven't seen since high school and I know that doesn't sound so very long but it was like, what, 10 percent of my life ago? And apparently we live on the same street, two blocks apart. I find that amusing. And even more interesting is the fact that I dreamed about said person about a month ago. Its strange how things happen.

Other than that, I have nothing to say that you want to hear/read.

Oh, one of my customers said to one of my co-workers, referring to me, "Shes happy, isn't she?"
My co-worker replied, "that's an under-statement."

that's what I like to hear.

Oh, I thought of something else exciting. I'm going to be baptized next Sunday. I'm excited about this.
And I've been listening to Billy Holiday and the Fray. What a combination.
And I need to go move my car, its parked in the alley.

Sarah Jo

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Ashes said...

Yay for Baptisms! I want to come if you'll have me.