Monday, June 19, 2006

"9,000 years ago. . ."

Or, more specifically: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 I made a list of random things about me. I decided to edit/update/extend said list after further inspiration from Nika. Here goes:

I still lick the spatula when my mom makes brownies.
I chew my bottom lip when I am nervous.
I look at my paper when I do not know the answer to a question in class.
I am afraid to talk to teenagers I do not know.
I sing really loud when I am alone in my car.
I stop when I get to a red light.
I turn my music up loud and roll my windows down and hope everyone hears so they know how cool I am.
I know I am not cool.
I make sure I am completely enfolded in covers before I turn the light out.
I do everything at the last minute.
I am usually early.
I love my job and my coworkers. Really.
I like it when people touch my hair.
It makes me nervous when people touch me (hair included)
I was once hugged by a complete stranger.
I liked it.
Friendliness is the second thing I notice in a person.
A smile is the first.
I am offended by cuss words.
I hate the word "aint"
I do not like country music or rap in most cases.
I have little compassion for those who make no effort help themselves and/or blame their circumstances on everyone/thing else.
I will not allow my own insecurities to hinder my social/emotional growth.
I need lots of reassurance.
I am more sensitive than I pretend to be.
I do not like to hang out in groups.
My family will always come first.
I procrastinate. Often.
I like having pictures of those I love.
I always forget to take my camera.
I communicate much better in writing.
I would rather use the computer than a pen.
You are beautiful because I love you, not the other way around.
I lie, not with words, but with silences.
I spend too much time on the internet.
I just hate being alone.
I feel special when you remember something I said a while ago.
I feel most loved when you listen to me.
I like the icing more than the cake.
I only floss occasionally.
I feel guilty about it.
I feel so uncool.
I could spend days sprawled across my bed with a good book.
My room is a mess most of the time.
I wear less than half the shoes I own.
My best features are my eyes and smile.
I have to wash my hands often.
I do not remember the last time I washed my car.
I do not feel like I have control of my life.
I rarely study.
I do not eat fruit or vegetables in most cases.
I get a word of the day in my email because I never want to stop learning, even for a day.
I am afraid I will end up alone.
I wish I could make beautiful music.
I hated 1984.
I love to write.
I don’t understand mean people, but I am learning to handle them well.
I hate being late, so I always arrive too early.
Nature is pretty as long as it doesn’t touch me.
I feel out of place amongst my peer group.
I find it hard to get close to new people.
I am terrified of bugs of all kinds.
I have no sense of direction.
I do not like to wear shorts, low-cut tops, or shoes that show my toes.
I love flip-flops.
I cry.
I love movies.
I love to laugh.
I just love iTunes
And Kidd Coffee
I cannot wash my hair every day.
I like food way too much.
I am uncomfortable in my own body.
What I really want is to be completely known, loved unconditionally, and to be seen as beautiful.
I know I can only get that from God.
Music is integral part of my relationship with God.
I always feel not good enough.
I am always afraid everyone else can see that.
I love hugs.
I think people only see the happiness and never the real me.
I am not happy all the time.
I have to really trust someone before I let them see me cry.
I love giving people gifts.
And notes.
And telling them how much I like them.
Sometimes I think there is a social handbook I must have missed out on.
I wonder if I will ever have that first kiss.
I do not remember much about my childhood.
I try so hard to be better than I am.
The books I read are not making me “well read”
I spend too much money.
I write poetry.
I cannot draw or cut a straight line.
I like it when men hold the door for me.
I do not know how to show my interest to a guy.
Quality time is so important to me.
When you forget that we made plans, it hurts.
I pretend it does not.
I enjoy sleeping entirely too much.
I stay up too late.
I will not ever know if you do not tell me.
I like to feel wanted/needed.
I am totally and completely in love with life.
I do not think it ends here.
I always try to be what I think the other person wants me to be.
I am not a morning person. Give me an hour.
I strive to remain pure.
I think about my future husband often.
I only tell my mother everything.
Silence makes me uncomfortable.
I have no idea what music is popular now.
I just want to be the woman God made me to be.
I want to be closer to Him each day.
He seems so distant. I cannot see/touch/hear/feel him.
I guess that is where faith comes in.
I cannot wait to be a mother.
I wish I could comfort the world.
I was once obsessed with Hanson.
My favorite movie is The Fifth Element.
I never wear make-up.
I love my hair.
When I am sad, I am afraid to let anyone else know. Would they still like me?
I start projects and never finish them.
My dreams are vivid and exciting.
Making this list makes me feel conceited, but I so want someone to care enough to read it.
I blush often.
I get quiet when I am mad.
I really want you to follow me when I walk away.

Wow. That was long.

Sarah Jo

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