Monday, March 27, 2006

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I don't really have anything new or interesting to say, I just wan to talk. Or type. Or whatever. I want to communicate. Of course, this doesnt really satisfy said desire becasue it is very much like talking to oneself.

I'm cold. I'm always cold. What is it that can make one person in a room feel warm and another feel cold?

Do you ever wonder how other people see you? Sometimes you get little glances. And some of those times, its awesome, and other times it makes you want to re-evaluate yourself. If we compare ourselves to others (or how others view us) we will find ourselves to be great by one comparison and lacking by another. I can only hope that I live each day to try to live up to the standards God has set for me, and not the standards of the world.

I heard a new song today called Maybe You by BDA. It really touched me, because I want to be that girl in that song.

I should go.

Sarah Jo

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