Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sarah Milkshake

I feel like I crawled into a hole/cave for days and am suddenly being forced to emerge. I want to sleep some more, darn distracting books. And my face has that hot feeling like when I'm extremely embarrassed/nervous and no one else knows. Maybe someone knew one time, but they never did indicate possessing such knowledge. Anyway, I can't remember what I was thinking about to cause such a reaction.

I want a green shirt that has a black crab on it that says, "RAWR" or maybe "GRRR". But I can't be spending money on stuff just now. I've got border-crossing to consider. And darn car insurance. Stupid responsibilities. Not the border-crossing though. Ash, make sure I bring my passport, okay? That won't stay on my mental packing list. Keeps fallin off.

I finished the dern book though. Oh, this song just said, "was it at the coffee shop?" and now I want a chocolate chunk frappichiller. Or a serenade by a not-so-talented young man. But the frappichiller sound more likely at this hour.

Hmm, I was trying my very best not to be grumpy at work today, and the best friendly I could manage was smiling and silence. Whew. That was hard work. I was tired. No, I AM tired, but there's homework to be doing, so of course I must procrastinate a bit more.

I don't think I'm done being alone yet.

Sarah Jo

Hey! I'm not done yet. I was at grandma and grandpas on Sunday. I've been in the habit of staying until well after mom and dad leave. I read my book and they watch TV.We don't have much to say to each other, but we are together for a couple hours. Anyway, I asked Grandpa was Lent was about, because honestly, I don't know and, of course, he doesn't stay on subject, but I enjoyed his response thoroughly. I want to be just like Grandpa. He gets so excited when talking about God and the joy is all over him and he usually cries because he is so happy and he is trying his best to tell you so you'll be happy just like him. He loves the Lord. And I wish you could see him, just listen to him for awhile and you would see too.

My face is still hot. Maybe I have a fever. Or I'm crazy.

Sarah Jo, again

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