Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What do Down Syndrome, Greek textiles, Asian music, and Sharon woods all have in common?

*warning* Please Excuse the horrible spelling errors. Apparently I baffle spell-check.

I joined the Christmas choir at church. I've never been in a church choir before, but it makes me miss A cappella choir much. Its so beautiful when there are a hundred voices all working together to make music. Anyway. . .

Last night my dream was so vivid, I could still feel it when I woke up. It kind of moved back and forth. It was three different dreams all in one because I would walk into a room and forget all about everything that happened before I walked in. It was a new experience as soon as the door closed. I bought train tickets. I was running away. They found me. I went into this building to hide, forgot all about being chased. Stuff happened. We went outside and had to plant some trees because someone cut them all down. I was so sad about all the tree stumps. (This is probably a result of watching Fern Gully)

They watched a movie in pychology today. It was Crash, I believe. I decided to sit in the hallway and read my textbook. I am glad of my decistion. I got a lot done.

I'm a little stressed. It will get much worse before the semester is over with. I have all these projects due one after another after another and then exams the next week and and and. . . breathe.

Now I'm sleepy. The bed is calling me. I need to change my sheets. White isn't working for me anymore. I'm thinking. . . pink? It was blue, then it was white. . . yeah, pink will do. I don't have any money for buying any new sheets or it would be tan and brown. Kind of like the autumn. But pink will do. Pink will always do.

I was bored in nursing class last night and I drew a picture and it looked just like. . . or maybe it was my imagination because I'm a terrible artist.

Friday I'm going on a field trip to the Freedom Center. I think it will be fun. Oh, and Matt Hosey and Dustin. . Dustin something are playing at Fourth and Maine. Its a cd release party thing? Hmm, I dunno. I guess I'm going. And Saturday has something. . . work and. . bowling. Yes, we are going bowling. This shall be a good weekend. Sunday, church, grandma's, choir practice. Too bad its only Tuesday. . .

Sarah Jo

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